onsdag den 26. juli 2017

Mødtes tilfældigt - Three random meetings in Toscana

Det her indlæg er på engelsk. Ikke fordi det skal til at være en engelsk blog, men fordi oplevelsen kom til mig på engelsk.

When you go out for dinner three times at the campsite, at two different restaurants and you meet the same couple with their kid, who plays with your kids, it turns out like this:

The first time you try to get your kids to sit still, but they keep seeking this couple's child. You are covering the basics; like "is it okay" and they assure you that it is not bothering them. "They know how it is" and so on.

Then you cover where your from. (They where from Holland) After that you try to eat your food while trying to get the kids not to bother them to much. 

The second time you meet them at another restaurant by the playground at the campsite. It's like: "you again". The kids run around at the playground and they are like: "yes it is so easy with the kids" and then you actually get to eat your food, without wondering if the kids bother them. 

The third time at the first restaurant you are like: "again - unbeliveable" this time you sit by the table next to eachother. Their kid have brought toys that all the kids play with and you get to eat. Then you are actually talking to eachother and you ask about where in Holland they are from  (because you where there last year) and it turns out they are from Zwolle and they are like; you probably don't know it. But the facht is, that we actually went to Zwolle and found this great playground and it turns out it is right by their home.

See more about the playground here

I was like; how could this happen? And they thought that too. But like they said: what are the ods that they where sorrounded with 5 wasps, when she was afraid of wasps and none of the other tables saw a wasp. 

We all thought our random meetings where more pleasent and took the kids to the playground.  

It was our last day,  so when we went back to our mobilehome. We just agreed that maybe we would meet again, perhaps in Zwolle. And they told us about the park the playground where in and it sounded excatly like we where guessing, but didn't got to see because of the rain. 

We didn't get their contact info, but you never know. Maybe we will see them again. 

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